After a hot, sunny and busy day, it’s great to relax in a lazy chair at the terrace.

The only noice comes from nature.
A late bird, insects and if you listen better you can even hear the bubbles in the glass with a cold Prosecco at the table.

I close my eyes and think how lucky i am and how much i would like to share these moments.

The birds stops singing and prepare fore an other concert tomorrow-night.
Just a few insects remain in the light of the candle at the table.

The frogs took-over the night and start-up their noice and will go on till sunrise.

I know, it’s late and i need to sleep. But how can i ?
It’s so peaceful and quiet.
So i took the botle and made me another glass of Prosecco and listen to the silence of the night.

Nobody can take these moments away from me.
I blow out the candle and dreamed about what tomorrow will bring.
Almost impossible to exceed a night like this.


Late Summernight Terrrace


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