On a hot summer sunday, it’s not a pleasure to stay in the kitchen too long.
But,……still you need to eat.

So what can you do ? Call the chinees, the Pizzaria ?

A little voice in my head said no’no’no!

It’s better to choose for an S.S.S. and so i did.

Took a chicken-breast, cut it in two thin slices put herbs on it and a little soyasouce and let it rest.


Than cut a few potatoes in parts and boil it for 5 min.
Looked in the fridge for vegetables and found; tomatoes, cumcumbre, red-onion, a little cheese, garlic and some green salad.


Cut it in pieces olive oil and herbs on it and the salad is ready.
Time to bake the potatoes in a little olive oil and to bake the chicken on the grill.
10 minutes later all is ready. Put it on a big (pizza) plate and…
Bon apetite

P.S. drink a cold dry chardonnay with it and your Hot Summer Sunday will be complete.

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