Rotterdam, 5 december 1979, a small flat 4e floor, the kitchen.

The smell of speculaas and hot chocolat-milk 3 excited children waiting the moment, the moment that mama
start to play the piano, as a sign that we are alowed to enter the living.

Yes, there are the first tunes of `sinterklaasje kom maar binnen met je knecht.`
It´s good that we were still little, cz. the three of us reached the door in the same time, and we all looked at the big table in the middle of the room.
There was a big oval with metal rails, and on it a train with wagons tuuuuuuuuuut !

My brother and i were so surprised that we forgot to sing and wanted to play, but..mama called us back, we had to sing first, pfffffffffffff, singing is ok, but that train was so much better, anyway after another 3 songs it was all ours.

There was also a big doll at the table, a doll that walked with you, hand in hand.
And when you turned it on it says mama.

Rotterdam, 5 december 1979, a small flat 4e floor, the living.
Cold chocolat-milk plates full of speculaas, tuuuuuuuuuuuuut, tjoek, tjoek, mama, mama.

Mother keeps on playing the piano, father smokes a sigar…………………………………….
We were all in our own world, so much that we even didn´t hear that the piano was quiet.
Come on kids, it´s already nine o´clock, time for bed.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Nooooooooooo, we just start playing.

Than dad stands up and say´s , tomorrow is another day, and next year will be 5 december again. Than he sits back in his chair, took a book and his sigar kisssssssss, have a good night sleep.

5 december 1979


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