Just like you and noone else looking through your eyes i’m also the only spectator in my own theatre.
A fundamental lonelyness is part of both our existence.
Me here….and you there.
It sounds highly logic, you will agree, until you ask yourself where i will end and you begins.

Who am i ? No idea!
Am i the boy who i see in the mirror ? That’s what they say.
But, am i also my noose, am i my eyebrows. am i my hair ?
I wonder sometimes if i will loose a part of myself when i cut all my hair.

That’s a difficult question, cz. if i am my hair, why i am not also the words that i write here ?
Cutting this page would hurt me more than what the barber can do.
So, i am i, cz. so agreed, nothing more and nothing less.
But that doesn’t mean it’s the truth !

Just like the physical distance between you and me is an agreement.
After all, the “metre” is just an invention.
If i think of you (as i do very often) you are a part of me.
And than we both sit on the first-rate, instead of fundamental lonelyness.

What i mean to say is that the naturalness by the world around us only exists cz. everyone thinks about it as a collection of endependent entities.
Anyway, i will deny this kind of lonelyness, but till now i think i’m alone in that conclusion.

Fundamental Lonelyness


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