Sometimes (especially in wintertime) i wish to be three persons in one.
When you leave home for work early it’s still dark and when you come back home late it’s dark again.
Reason to read further.

It would be better to be one person for joy and the dishes.
And an other person for being busy all day to earn the money.
The third person (my favorite) who keeps bed in daytime writes in the night and when the sun rises goes back in bed.
Many stories and alineas richer.

It’s the fate of a writer to be these three persons in one mortal body.
So what we need is dicipline and time-management to write everyday.

Wishful thinking, cz. just like dieting it’s very difficult to keep.
The Web rures, deadlines in daily work, birthdays etc. etc. all these temptations are around us. And also our friends need attention.
In short, if you take it right to regulate, the variables are rebelling.

Long evening, just for yourself. I’ll put an extra peace of wood in the fire-place,switch-on the pc and while the boot-program rattles i go to the kitchen for a quick cup of caffé.

But than? It realy begins.
I mean you stare at the screen, checked the e-mail, hoping for an uplifting/insperational message. You denide yourself further acces to the inbox and again you look at an empty / blank screen.
It looks like everything starts all over again.
It’s clear that now i need the third-person.
Help, i need somebody.

It’s hard to write in winter


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