Last time i wrote about my traveling in Romania, it was from the south part of Dobrogea, where i visit the Murfatlar Vineyards.

Local people ecomment me to go north and visit Tulcea and the Sarica Niculitel Vineyards.Basilica
Tulcea is a real city and surrounded by beautiful hills, full of veneyards who are famous for it’s century tradition of wine making.

I taste the “Alsem Wine” from Niculitel. It’s made of white and black grapes and supplemented from an old tradition with apples, quinces and Alsemflowers. And……….tasted like heaven.
In tis area they also make rich white wines, like Riesling, Aligote and Muscat-Ottonel.

Don’t forget that if you drink some, you have to eat. And that’s not a punishment.

I eat a local salade with the “surprising name” Salata Dobrogeana.
It’s made with fresh vegetables, pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, onion and finished with boiled eggs, grated cheese and parsley.
The “Sarailie cake” with walnuts and sirup was a sweet end of my dinner.

The next day i visit the Museum of the Donau-Delta in Tulcea.
These information made me more curious, and i decided to take the secondairy road along the river to Galati. That was a very good choise. So much to see.Dunarea
Anyway i made a stop for lunch in a small and beautiful old fishermans village Somova.

It was obviouse that the people here understand that tourism will be a great opportunity for their future.
They were friendly and gave alot of information. So i couldn’t left the place without a lunch is the brandnew “Lakeside Restaurant” No,…no no more wine !
I need to get in the car. My next stop will be Galati. 😉

Will write you more from there! 🙂

Wine and History I


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