In 1959 the biggest passenger steam ship ever built in Holland, the Rotterdam started as a liner between Rotterdam and New-York.

The construction of this ship started in 1956 by the RDM in Rotterdam.
All in order of the H.A.L ( Holland America Line) a big shipping company with the headoffice in Rotterdam.

Anyway after introduction of the commercial airoplanes the Rotterdam changed in a first-class cruise-ship and sailed all over the world.
The H.A.L. stopped. but the office-building maintain and changed in a Hotel. (Hotel New-York).

A few companies payed a lot of money to safe the ship from demolition.
And finally after 200 milion Euro, the Rotterdam is back where it belongs and is in use as hotel, theatre, restaurants, conferencerooms etc.

Today i had the chance to get on the ship and i was impressed.
Of course they had to make changes, but the origional lay-out and old details are still the same.

To give you an idea: the ship is appr. 228 meters long 28 meters wide and 38 mters high. 257 hotel-rooms, bars, restaurants, shops, theatres,etc. All together a multi-functional entertaining place.

I took a lunch in the Lido Restaurant, had a table at a window with a great view over the Maas (the river that cut Rotterdam in a south and a north part).

capucino in the Lidobar

From my position i looked from south to north at the centre of Rotterdam.
Of course i eat fish. (grilled sardines) with salad and bread.

My lunch

I promised myself to go back to make an organized tour to sea the whole ship from bottom to top.
Today i only could visit the public places.
I want to see the engine rooms ( 35.000 hp.) and all the other installations.
And i think it must be great to stay one night in a hotelroom and have breakfast all in style of the fifties. (costs; 100 – 170 Euro p.p).

ss Rotterdam


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    This is a “must visit”. I was in Holland for 4 days, 3 in Venray, 1 in Amsterdam, LOVED every minute, every step, every view …


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