Last week i saw a commercial on tv about preparing chicken in a sack in the oven.
The moment i saw it i was almost under the table no,no, not about that commercial, but about what
i remembered from the time that my friend told me about chicken on a bottle.

Anyway, you already know that i’m curiouse, especially about food, i made that chicken on a bottle hahaha and it was yammi.

So last saterday i was in the supermarket and saw that stuf to prepare chicken in a sack.
It is very very simple. But don’t forget to buy chicken!

Anyway, i opened the package (a sack and herbs); you can make a choice in different taste. I choose “provencale”. Open the sack and put the chicken in it than the herbs shaked it and closed the sack (hint: better close the sack before shaking)
Put the sack in a dish and in the oven for one hour (180 dgr.C.).
It’s a combination of roast and steam.
Taste very good and the kitchen keeps clean ( if you understood my hint) hahaha.
If anyone knows other special ways to prepare chicken just tell me.

Eet smakelijk.

Chicken in a sack


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