Today i read an article that i want to share with you.

According to research, men can not help it if they look at other women.
Men just look at other women cz. they can’t help it.
Anyway that’s at least an examination of the Free University of Amsterdam.

According to the researchers, who showed different portraits of women at the test-persons, while their brain activity was measured.
First, men respond more to non-avarage female faces (attractive or unattractive) and then mainly to attractive faces in the brains reacted.
They can’t help looking at attractive women.
This would come through cz these women are generally young and healthy and thus can provide a lot and good offspring.
So, a real primal instinct.

WE ALSO DO IT.Good Excuse
As long as they just looking, we don’t have to worry, i think.
In addition, we also do it.
Previous research has already shown that as many women as men look at other people.
However, cz we have a wider field of view, we do it more subtle, from our corners.
Men often need to turn their heads.
Not something that makes a women happy when she’s walking next to you.
But,…oh well………………they can’t help.

What do you think of the conclusions of this research ?
Do you think that men often look at other women ?
Are Romanian men different from Dutch men ?

Good Excuse


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  • 29/03/2011 la 5:35 PM
    Legătură permanentă

    I think men just search for excuses for themselves! We are, after all, humans, not animals, so don’t tell me that men can’t help themselves from looking after a woman, because I won’t buy it! I think people have the ability to refrain from almost anything!


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