Good morning my dear,

Pffffffffff, run, run.
Sit, a sandwich!
No, first caffé
Why ?
Make that sandwich, and shut up!

How can you make a sandwich with your eyes closed ?
You need a caffé first.
Pffffffffff, run, run!!!

I need water!
The machine is empty…
Always the same!

Opened one eye,
Need water!
Hmmm wrong eye…
The tap is on the right!
Pffffffff, want a sandwich!
Ok, ok no sandwich!
You won!
Where are the caffé pads ?
The box is empty.
Always the same!
Closed my eyes.
Dream of the table made with breakfast and fresh caffé,
Someone to say “goodmorning my dear”!
Have a nice day!

Pfffffffff, where are my shoes ?
No not these, the old ones.
I’ll go in the garden, take a deep breast,
It’s cold, my eyes are open.
Realize is a new day, have to go.

Good morning, my dear, Julia!
Take good care and make it a nice day! 🙂

Good morning my dear,


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