Do not think is happy:

Cz. there are so many students that want to graduate they choose the most stupid and useless subjects.

Today i read about the next conclusion: the more thoughtless people do things, the more happy they feel.
For example: to pick-up a caffécup or to turn a key.

Cetral to the study was the ease with which people act and process information and therby get what they feel.
They had to pick-up a caffécup, if they didn’t have to rotate the cup (to get the ear), they appeared a more positive feeling than when the earpiece was on the wrong side.

The study also shows that when you expect that a certain action will run smoothly, it has influence on the way you act.
People seem to prefer the way that the least effort.
This kind of effortless actions are not only easier, but also give a really good feeling.

To me these kind of reseach is no more than confermation of what we call “open doors”.

So, i already feel embarrassed to tell you about the fact that you feel happy when the key in your hand fits on the door you want to open. Hahahaha. So, i don’t tell…
Maybe one of the readers of this article made also some kind of “open door” studies ?
Pls. share it with us.

Doing without thinking makes happy‏


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